We will tell to the coming generation the glorious deeds of the Lord, and His Might, and wonders that He has done.

Carmelodaya steers the life of many who are part of it or is associated with it. With its immense ability to shape the human heart along the line of Jesus life principles Carmelodaya draws her potency from the presence Lord imparted to her by the founding Fathers: St.Kuriakose Elias Chavara and Fr. Leopold Boccaro OCD.

 Their influence on the members of the Congregation was so deep that they carried on the legacy of Congregation of Mother of Carmel. With enlightenment received from the Lord time to time, CMC daughters landed in Maharastra. Slowly and gently she paced towards many areas fully realizing her motto Remain united to Me in Contemplation and consecrated to Me in Action.

The root of Carmelodaya Province lies in Nirmala Province, Thrissur. By the Apostolic Decree Ad Lucem Sancti Evangelii of 31st March 1962 Pope John XXIII erected the first Ecclesiastical Unit of the Oriental Rite outside Kerala which is called Chanda and entrusted it to the Carmelites of Mary Immaculate. It was then Bishop Januarius PalathuruthyC.M.I., the then Exarch of Chanda approached Mother Margret Mary-the then Mother General of Thrissur-and asked her to spare a few sisters to work in Chanda. Without any hesitation, Mother agreed. The sisters who came first to chanda as pioneers were Srs. Rita, Teresa, Pulcheria and Euphamia. As it was the felt need of the time, our sisters started a school in the Military Campus at Pulgaon in July 1962. But within a few months as we realized that it was not the place, God had assigned for us, we handed over the school to the Military Department and opened another house in the same year at Sirpur Kagaznagar, A.P.

When Nirmala Province was bifurcated in 1977 the mission houses also were divided. Our six mission houses in Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh came under Udaya Province, Irinjalakuda.

On 13th February 1989 when Carmelodaya Region was born to Udaya Province, there were 9 houses in the mission including the Regional House at Wardha. On 26th April 1995, Carmelodaya Region was raised to the status of a Province. The official erection of Carmelodaya Province was on 17th October, 1995. Now there are 124 Sisters in Carmelodaya, working in 17 mission stations under 7 Dioceses viz. Chanda, Adilabad, Kalyan, Amaravathy, Bangalore, Nagpur and Irinjalakuda. 


We render our service to build up the Kingdom of God by Schools (English, Marathi and Telegue Medium), Special care schools for Mentally Challenged, Hostel for Physically Challenged, Dispensaries, Mobile Clinic, Social Work Centers, Tailoring Centres and Hostel for the under privileged etc.

Knowing the need of the time, sisters are also engaged in giving life guidance to grown-up girls, with job oriented training, awareness courses for the uplift of women, village development programmes, adult education, house visiting, hospital visiting etc. keeping in mind our ultimate goal, direct and indirect evangelization. While thanking the Lord for the showers of blessings, Carmelodaya realizes that she has a good lot more to do and to be for the growth and development of the Mission entrusted to her.



Short History of the Mission and Missionary work of the CMC Sisters,  Carmelodaya Province, Wardha                                       

1.The name of the Mission Province and address

Name of the Mission Province:           Carmelodaya Province, Wardha

Patroness name:                                  Our Lady of Mount Carmel

Address:                                              Carmelodaya Provincial House, Sawangi-Meghe, Wardha, 442001.


2.The mission is owned by the Congregation - The Congregation of the Mother of Carmel (CMC)


3.Date of erection - The official erection of Carmelodaya Province was on 17th October, 1995.


4.From where the initiative came to start the mission - From the Bishop of the Chanda, Bishop Januarius Palathuruthy C. M. I.

The root of Carmelodaya Province lies in Nirmala Province, Thrissur. By the Apostolic Decree "Ad Lucem Sancti Evangelii" of 31st March 1962 Pope John XXIII erected the first Ecclesiastical Unit of the Oriental Rite outside Kerala which is called Chanda and entrusted it to the Carmelites of Mary Immaculate. It was then Bishop Januarius Palathuruthy C.M.I., the then Exarch of Chanda approached Mother Margret Mary-the then Mother General of Thrissur-and asked her to spare a few sisters to work in Chanda. Without any hesitation, Mother agreed. The sisters who came first to chanda as pioneers were Srs. Rita, Teresa, Pulcheria and Euphamia. As it was the felt need of the time, our sisters started a school in the Military Campus at Pulgaon in July 1962. But within few months as we realized that it was not the place, God had assigned for us, we handed over the school to the Military Department and opened another house in the same year at Sirpur Kagaznagar, A.P.

5. Why that area was selected for the Mission work?

There was no Christian presence in that area. People were under the bondages of  illiteracy, superstitions and other social evils.

6. The political, social, cultural, religious, educational situation of the area before the entry of the missionaries.

Political situation: Wardha district is in the Eastern part of Maharashtra state. Wardha holds a very important position in the history of India. The Ashrams of two great sons and leaders of India namely Mahatma Gandhi and his disciple Vinobha Bhave makes Wardha a place of historical importance. Mahatma Gandhi guided the nation from this place of Sadhana-Sevagram Ashram, in attaining freedom, through truth and non-violence emphasizing that the end and means are both equally important.

Religious situation: The Paramdham Ashram of Vinobhaji at Pawanar became a source of spiritual and social enlightenment for the people from far and near. Brahma Vidya Mandir attached to this Ashram paved way for women with possibility of a deep contemplative life over flowing in fruitful activities for good of the society.

Social situation: According to the request of Bishop of Chanda, Bp. Januarius and the people of Chanda believing in the providence of God, our superiors decided to radiate His love and light in this area. When they were refugees in this place like Bl. Mary searching for a place to settle, Mr. Suchak gave them a part of his own residence to start the convent and school and inaugurated on 30 June 1969. In order to get plot of land to start the convent and school, the sisters had to pass through a lot of tensions. No one was ready to give a piece of land. Besides, there is a rule in Maharashtra that those do not own land in this state can't buy or register land in their name. Our sisters appeared before the district court and gave an affidavit. And thus got the permission to buy 4 acres of land. It was a low waste land which was full water, dirt and mud. It was a lonely jungly place. There was no building nearby, no proper approach road. Walking daily 4 kms. to the new site and putting our trust in God we took up the challenge and collected aid from different sources. One wing of the new building was completed in 16th July 1972. Door without shutters, flooring with cow dung, frequent attack from the robbers etc. we had to face all these challenges. The attitude of the local people especially high class people were not very much favourable because we were Christians. According to them Christians were low caste people with no morality or dignity. Hence whenever a sister or priest or Bishop want to meet any officer they were asked to wait for hours. But when their children started to study in our school the whole attitude changed.

Educational situation: The temple of knowledge planted and grown in the fertile soil of Kagaznagar, a place of solace for the wisdom seekers from far and wide. This abode of wisdom has become a source of enlightenment for many both in spiritual and in temporal matters. Till then good education was a dream for them.

7. Give the address and the number of institutions with their categories in the mission with some details about their establishments.



Wardha is internationally famous because of the Ashrams at Sewagram and Pawanar. The Church here in Wardha which is established in 1882 is one of the 4 Churches handed over to the Diocese of Chanda in its beginning in 1962. It is to this Holy fertile land that Abba Father has led His chosen ones - the daughters of Carmelodaya to pitch their tent.

Implementing the 4th Ordinary General Synaxis in 1986 concerning the formation of mission regions Provincial Superior, Sr. Aurea bought a plot of 5 acres at Sawangi-Meghe, in Wardha district. On 11th May 1987 the foundation of Carmelodaya Regional House was laid. Blessing and inauguration of Carmelodaya Region was on 13th February 1989 and Sr. Baseleus was the first Regional Superior. The official erection of the Carmelodaya Province was on 17th October 1995 and Sr. Baseleus was the first Provincial.

At present there are 127 members in the Carmelodaya Province including 8 Sisters from the local area. We are glad to say that we have Novices, Postulants and Candidates from the local area. At present Sr. Guna is the guiding star of Carmelodaya Province.


Kagaznagar - Nagar of Paper. Received this name only after rising of paper mill and was earlier as 'Kothapetta'. It is a town in Adilabad district of Andhra Pradesh. In olden days silk factory and the paper mill were the glory of the town. Few years back the silk factory was closed and it broke the heart of the town, many ended their lives. Beside the paper mill the town is blessed with the railway station, post office, police station, hospitals etc. Here we have the mixture of linguistic culture. When CMI fathers, began their service at the Mission Station Kagaznagar they wanted to have the assistance of Carmelite sisters. The first Ecclesiastical Superior of Chanda Mission Msgr. Januarius consulted the matter with CMI Provincial and they shared it with our then Mother General, Sr. Margret Mary. Mother discussed the matter with her councillors and decided to take up the new mission.

At that time there was a dispensary run by the Holy Cross sisters and it was handed it over to the CMC sisters. Since the nursing home had the name as Fatima Nursing Home, the convent also got the name as Fatima convent. Dispensary was the first apostolate we started here. On those days people were pressing on to begin an English Medium School. The authorities too found it as a genuine case and decided to start and English Medium School in our campus. On 16th July 1963, by beginning a nursery class and first standard we began our new apostolate. As the days passed sisters learned the local language and they went out in search of Catholic families and encouraged them to participate in the Holy Liturgy. As a part of our education apostolate sisters took initiative to begin a Telugu Medium for the children who are unable to learn. Sisters took a dynamic step in the field of evangelization. Keeping in mind the idea of direct evangelization we started a village house at Batwanpally on 30th September 1974.


In response to the request of the Bishop of Chanda Rt. Rev. Dr. Januarius CMI to start an English Medium School at Chandrapur, the sisters from our first mission station at Kagaznagar visited the place, met the authorities and decided to start our second mission station at Chandrapur. It was a real venture, a leap into the unknown. The superiors decided to make use of the chance to spread 'the divine light' in this area of our Mother land. The foundation stone was laid on 7th November 1971. The small baby school at Suchak Nivas started attracting people. The construction of the one wing of the new building was completed and blessed on 16th July 1972.

In the history of Mount Carmel the year 1984 has a special significance as it was on October 20th 1984 that the Marathi Medium School started functioning. It was a great consolation for many of the poor parents who very much wanted to educate their children in convent school. On 4th February 1983, we started adult education for the poor, illiterate village ladies.


On 8th June 1971 late Mr. CRM Ayyar, the then General Manager of ACC Cement factory approached our late bishop Januarius CMI and requested him to start an English Medium School in Cement Nagar for educating the children of the ACC employees. Bishop approached the sisters at Chandrapur and visited the land proposed for the school. After seeing the place and discussing the possibilities with the ACC Management, the Bishop gave us the green signal to go ahead with the project. Then we informed the ACC Management that they had to write an appeal and get permission from the Mother Provincial of Nirmala Province, Thrissur. A contract was written and signed between the cement factory manager and the Provicial.

      Sisters started their stay on 9th June 1972, the feast of Sacred Heart of Jesus in a building that belongs to the company. Bp. Januarius offered the Holy Mass and blessed the building which marked the birth of Mount Carmel. The first members of the community were Srs. Modester, Christeta, Avila and Jr. Sr. Elsy Deepa. Sr. Modesta took charge as the first Principal of Mount Carmel School, Cement Nagar. The school too started functioning immediately in an already existing building on 12th June 1972 with 24 children on the rolls. On 18th of June 1972 the school was formerly inaugurated.

      Our patron, Rt. Rev. Dr. Januarius CMI had been taking very much interest in the growth and day to day progress of the convent and school. He used to visit the staff and students very often and give them timely guidance and advice. The present Bp. Rt. Rev. Dr. Vijayanand CMI who succeeded Bp. Januarius, is also taking keen interest in all round development of the institution. His simple life style with his motto "universal family" is very much in tone with the sings of the time. The chaplains of the convent Rev. Frs. Joseph Koikkara, Emmanuel Kandathil, Simon Tharakan, Siby Eravimangalam and Tomy Chovilikudyil were ever vigilant and careful in fulfilling the spiritual needs of the sisters. Under the able guidance of the ACC Managers, Mother Superiors and Principals, the school has blossomed into a gigantic institution today. In fact this temple of education has come a long way in imparting wisdom to students from Jr. K. G to Jr. College - CBSE, preparing for their future duties and shaping them to become responsible citizens of Tomorrow. Her students have proved their excellence in every sphere of activity both curricular and co - curricular. In the year 1997, the Silver Jubilee of the convent and the school were celebrated. This jubilant and joyful occasion provided the Sisters a golden chance to thank God Almighty for the showers of blessings in abundance.


A mission with a vision - Batwanpally, started with the culture and life style of 'Anawim' by staying among them to work for their uplift in true Christian spirit. Taking into consideration the signs of the times the two main factors latent in their desire for this kind of apostolate were as follows:

  • 1. To live among the villagers and lead a simple life and try to bridge the gulf between them and those whom they live.
  • 2. To take one particular village as the core of the mission considering all the houses around us and ours together as one family. Love of God and brethren would flow from this abode of love to all houses of the core village and also to all the villages within an area of 5 miles around the centre. The development of the 'total person' in them will be aimed at, that is, their spiritual, physical, cultural and intellectual development.

In short their aim was to bear witness to the saving presence of God. The vision became a reality in 30th September, 1974.


Ever since we started the Mount Carmel Convent School at Cement Nagar, Gughus, ACC Manager and people at Sindola were repeatedly requesting to our superiors to start a school at Sindola too, to glow a spark of education in the future citizens of Sindola.

The Wardha river separates Sindola from Gughus, making the up and down journey to school was difficult especially for the small children in the monsoon season and the children were not going to the school in this season. So at least a primary school was a pressing need at Sindola.

At last, November 1978, Sr. Clemence, the Provincial Superior and Sr. Clarisa, the councillor visited Sindola and understanding the pathetic situation decided to start a convent and school here. On 24th February 1979 the foundation stone was laid. The inauguration and blessing ceremony of the new convent and school building was on 14th August 1979.


Rallemettupally was one of the contact villages of Prem Dham, Batwanpally. It is a large village, 35 km away from Bellampally and it is situated on the bank of a river which gets flooded every year causing great damage to the village land, animals and crops. This was a great threat to the poor people living there.

Rev. Fr. Simon Tharakan CMI, the then Parish Priest purchased 5 acres of land and planned to shift the people to a new safer place from the river bank. Thus about 50 families were shifted to the new area. They pressed the sisters to stay with them in the village to help and support them. 18th October 1983, is an unforgettable and remarkable day in the history of Rallamettupally. Realizing the felt need of the people there Sr. Fredia and Sr. Lilly Grace voluntarily came forward to render their service at Rallametupally. The blessing ceremony of the new convent was done on 27th December 1983, receiving the name Santhi Dham - abode of peace. The motto of Santhi Dham is 'Evangelization through Social Work'.


Realizing the need of the time the CMI fathers invited the CMC sisters to start a school for the development of the area around Dharmaram. The sisters realized that it is not God's design to start a school at Dharmaram premises and eventually planned to pitch our tent in another place. Sr. Clerisa with her ardent zeal and prayerful vision was able to get a suitable accommodation at Koramangala. On 31st of May, 1984 the school was officially inaugurated. The shifting of the school from Koramangala to Carmelaram was encouraged by OCD fathers. On 14th November 1988 the new building was blessed by the Arch bishop of Bangalore, Mar. Alphonse Mathias.


In 1998 the diocese of Kalyan was erected for the Syro-Malabar Church. There was no enough number of congregations working in this area. The members of the Syro-Malabar rite were under the care of the Latin rite diocese and faced many difficulties in meeting their spiritual needs. In this situation the religious institutions and the service of the dedicated people were necessary for the growth of the Syro-Malabar Church. His Excellency Mar. Paul Chittilapally, Bishop of Kalyan invited us to start a convent and an English Medium School attached to it. An agricultural land was purchased on 18th June 1990 for the construction of the school building. The construction began on 26th April 1991 and was blessed on 13th June 1992.


The mission houses which were in the caring hands of Udaya Province were separated and united forming a mission region on 15th January 1989. The formation of the mission region necessitated the establishment of the recruitment house. Therefore Mother Province Udaya purchased a plot measuring 1acre 8cents and began the construction of a convent meeting all the expenses by herself. Carmelodaya mission house was blessed on 13th January 1991 by Rev. Dr. James Pazhayattil, Bishop of Irinjalakuda.

At first it remained as a 'holiday home' cum 'recruiting centre'. Then the superiors decided that this house should also be made as life guidance centre for the young girls of the locality. And so started a tailoring and type writing centre in 1991. Thus it became a social centre for poor girls to find a job for themselves. Along with the social centre, for the young girls, sisters visit the families and give necessary guidance and spiritual help.


In the very beginning the idea of starting a B.Ed. college in Pen came to the mind of Mother Aurea while she was serving in Jai Vakeel School, Bombay. But when we faced with the realities of starting the B.Ed. College, our superiors realized that it was not the will of God, rather the people in the locality is mostly in need of an English Medium School to get their children educated. Thus the then Regional Superior Mother Baseleus and her team decided to start a school at Pen. The sisters began their life as refugees in a rented building. The formal inauguration and the blessing of convent and school was done on 20th January 1993 and sisters started their life anew witnessing to Jesus to the people around through the apostolate of Education. At last on 7th year we could find a plot at Devnagari, Pen. It was a rocky place. In the beginning of the construction we had a struggle, problems like approach road, getting permission, water etc. Finally the long awaited day approached on 25th March 2000, His Excellency Mar. Thomas Elavanal, Bishop of Kalyan Blessed the school building.


Katol is a small Taluk in Nagpur district of Maharashtra State. There were local medium schools at Katol. But people were in need of a good English Medium School. Through the intercession of Education Minister, Mr. Anil Deshmuk we started this school. The school was opened in a small room of rented building on 1st June, 1996. The class room in the day time will be converted as the prayer room in the evening and bed room at night. The good Lord allowed us to pass through many hardships at the beginning such as approach road, water scarcity etc. The official inauguration of the newly constructed school building was on 14th November 1997. By now the school has grown into a full pledged high school. Since the rooms were not sufficient for the school purpose we constructed the convent. From the inception of the convent we are enjoying the paternal care and concern of our Arch Bishop, our dearest and nearest benefactor - Arch Bishop Abraham Viruthukulangara. We are working hand in hand with the Church in spreading the Good News of the Lord among people at Katol.

Mount Carmel Convent School, Katol the mustard seed sowed in the soil of  Katol some 16 years before has sprouted grown and branched out giving shade and shelter, rest and fruits to many. What has been started as a nursery class with 14 students in a rented building way back in 1996 has blossomed into a gigantic institution today with 2000 students. She marched ahead marvelously all these years adding new gems on her crown each passing year. Her students have proved their excellence in every sphere of activity both curricular and co-curricular. She has reaped 100% result every year and has won innumerable prizes in literary, cultural and sports and games competitions. In fact this temple of education has come long way in imparting wisdom and value education to the students of Katol. At present Mt. Carmel School is affiliated to the CBSE. 


The government certified school, MDC at Shirur, we passing through an adverse and difficult time. It is an institution which took care of 52 mentally challenged consisting both women and girls, between the age 9 and 48. They are sent to the institution from the remand home and they had none to take care off. They were given such an inhuman treatment by the officials and authorities. The inmates were denied of even the basic amenities and necessities of life. It was a new call to serve - a new call to serve those in agony. The Maharashtra social welfare department requested Mother Area to find out someone to run the government certified school. The Provincial Team decided to respond to the new call and on 4th April 1997 we the daughters of Carmelodaya took up the management.

The life in MDC was not very smooth and comfortable. We had to work and toil for several months to bring them to human standard. We did not get the cooperation from government staff and local people. The paucity of funds and finance to meet the expenses of the inmates sisters became a serious setback in the running of the institution. We were in fact living in dept and thought of leaving this new call and mission. Our Superior General asked us to continue the mission without counting the cost. This marked the end of the initial pains and struggles. The hard work and hardships of sisters have borne fruit because of the innumerable blessings of the Almighty and have made everything new. There is life, movement and newness. The attitude of the local people has changed, and they are helping us so generously by giving food, dress and even finance to the inmates. They are now proficient in band, gardening, cooking, preparation of articles etc. There are occasions of tensions and turmoil, storms and tempest in the history of Shirur. Still we are making steady progress under providing and protecting hands of the good Lord.


The second Provincial Synaxis of Carmelodaya in 1998to start a centre for mentally and physically disabled children. The foundation stone was laid for the school, and convent was on 25th January 1999. While serving the Mentally Challenged Children, our attention turned towards the Physically Challenged too. And so we began a Hostel for the Orthopaedically Challenged girls at Chandrapur in 2002. We remember with gratitude the M.P. Naresh Pugalia who offered 15 lacks towards the construction of the hostel. It took three years to make this building as such due to the financial difficulties. There is proper convenience for the stay of 20 disabled children in the hostel. Though they are physically disabled, they are exceptionally talented.

Our good God blessed us to render our love and service to them and we experience the joy of eating together from the same table of the children. They are engaged to do different handicrafts and arts. We work hard to make them not high class in the society but self sufficient at the places wherever they live. 


Jam is a village 57 kms away from Wardha, where our Provincial House is situated. Tuned with the purpose of foundation of our congregation Sr. Lia, the appointed Superior of this mission station had the following mission, to start dispensary, home for the aged poor women, prayer house and counseling and family apostolate. The CMI Fathers have donated us 2 acres of land at Jam. The foundation stone was laid on 8th December 1996 at Jam. The foundation stone for the convent and dispensary was laid on 28th November 2001. With the providential help of God the blessing of Santhwana Home and dispensary was done by Bishop Vijayanand, Bishop of Chanda on 23rd November 2002. By the grace of God we could finish the construction of the home for the aged women within one year.

Imbibing the spirit of our Founder Fathers we started a hostel for the poor girls for their uplift. 'Children are the sweet buds of today and blooming flowers of tomorrow'. The children from all walks of life, come under an umbrella shade by the boarding  run by our sisters at Santwana, Jam, in 2002. They are sent to our English Medium School at Samudrapur, some of them are going to nearby Marathi Medium school. It is a golden opportunity for all the under privileged children.


Every work done in a spirit of devoted service and selfless sacrifice achieves in us a true liberation from self. Jam is the first mission station of Chanda Diocese in Samudrapur Tahsil. The surrounding area of our convent belongs to MIDC and they already started oil mill, cotton mill etc. So there is a possibility for the tremendous progress there. Now the demand of the local people is too much that they compelled to start an English Medium School. But our Bishop Vijayanand was not in favour of giving permission to start a school at Jam. He suggested to start a school at Samudrapur would be welcoming to love and serve the people in the Gospel way. This is the humble beginning of Mount Carmel School, Samudrapur in 2004. Due to the sharp increase in the number students, sections as natural growth and to give proper care for them, it has become a felt need to start a separate school staff community at Samudrapur. So in the year 2009 we started the convent attached to the school.


"Commit your work to the Lord and your plans will be established" (Pro 16:03). Arvi, the Institute for unwed mothers and their children. "Being Missionaries means stooping down to the need of all, like the Good Samaritan, especially those of the poorest and most destitute people; because those who love with Christ's heart, do not seek their own interests but the glory of the Father and the good of their neighbour alone" (Pope Benedict XVI). Taking into consideration, we have purchased a land in Arvi Tahsil, Wardha District to start Christian service to the target group, by sheltering abandoned children and unwed mothers and opening an English Medium School attached to it gradually. At this initial stage we are staying in rented house from 2009, and visiting neighbouring houses and villages. The construction work of convent and house for abandoned children is under progress.

The inauguration and blessing of the hostel was on 29th January 2012 officiated by Rev. Fr. Thomas Punchayil. Sisters go for house visits and impart the message of Jesus to the nearby villages. Along with that sisters go for preaching, interceding and couselling sessions at Bamini divine retreat Centre and 'Home Mission' in different parishes in Chanda Diocese.


"The Lord has made everything for its purpose" (Pro 16:04). May 2010 the exposure programme for the Postulants were held in Santhwadi, Mul. The new call necessitated the birth of a new community. As it is a fertile land for the direct evangelization, the Carmelodaya Province decided to take over this mission and this was the humble beginning of the new convent at Nandgoan. The most glorious event was inaugurated on 22nd June 2011 by Rev. Fr. Joy Puthussery, the Vicar General of Chanda Diocese - the blessing of St. Alphonsa Church. Following the footsteps of the refugee Jesus, our sisters began their life in a humble and simple presbytery on 27th July 2011. They lead a simple life like of the common people spreading the fragrance of love and selfless service in the nearby villages.

With the zeal and burning love for Jesus our sisters go to the nearby villages by walk. They got acquainted with the people of 15 villages who fall under the umbrella of Carmel Wadi. They introduced to them powerful weapon of Rosary and also showed them how much is the love of God the Father towards them by teaching catechism. Apart from this sisters give tips on health care, happy living, family care taking, zero budget farming and water therapy and also provide them medicines at times. As a result of the fruit of their labour 13 members joined the Catholic Church on 21st December 2011 by receiving baptism. Apart from that our sisters render service at Mount Carmel, Santhwadi retreat centre on every first Friday, enlightening and enriching the poor villagers through their inspiring talks and counseling.    

7.2. Mission houses managed by Carmelodaya Province, Wardha



Place & Diocese


Full address with the year

of establishment

Attached institutions





Carmelodaya Provincial House (1989)

Sawangi - Meghe, Wardha,

Pin. 442001, M.S.

E.Mail : carmelodaya@gmail.com

Ph:07152-287853,(Mob) 09923928352

Fax: 07152-287852


School for Mentally  Challenged  Children, Vocational Training Centre &

Hostel for the Mentally Challenged girls.

Ph: 07152 - 200587, 09923861050




Carmel Convent(1984)

P.O. Carmelaram, Bangalore - 560035

Phone: 080-28439551, 09449351195

E. Mail: carmelconvent2@yahoo.com


Eng. Med. High Schools (State & ICSE)

& Nursery Schools

Mob: 09448866725




Managed by the Diocese of Adilabad

Prem Dham(1974)

Batwanpally, C/O, Catholic Church,

Bellampally, Adilabad Dist.

A.P. 504 251

Phone: 08735-227486,09490739936



Telugue Med. L.P.S. &  Boarding (Parish)





Carmel Convent,(1990)

Belwali-Badalapur, Dt. Thane,

Bombay -421503 M.S.


E.Mail: belwalicarmel@gmail.com


Eng.Med.High School

& Nursery School

Fax: 0251-2697437

Phone: 09423907172



Chandrapur (MRC)


Mount CarmelConvent,(1969)

Chandrapur, M.S. 442 401,

Phone: 07172-256573


E.Mail: mt_carmel@bsnl.com




Eng.Med.High School (CBSE),

Marathi Med.L.P.S,

Nursery & Tailoring centre.

 Fax: 07172 -271170





Mount Carmel Convent, (MRC)(2002)

Chandrapur, M.S. 442 401

Fax :  07172-273619,(M) 09422735394

E.Mail: mount-mentally@rediffmail.com


School for Mentally Challenged Children, Vocational Training & Hostel for Physically Handicapped Children





Mount Carmel Convent,(1972)

Cement Nagar, Chanda Dist.

M.S. 442 502

Phone: 07172-285152, 285189

E.Mail: carmeleducation@rediffmail.com


Eng. Med. Higher Secondary  School

& Nursery - CBSE

Mob: 09890608470

Fax: 07172-285623





Santhwana Home (2002)

Jam P.O. - Samudrapur,

Wardha Dist. M.S. 442301

Phone: 07151-270109,09881564938


Dispensary, Mobile Clinic, Boarding for the Economically Backward Children & Tailoring Centre.





Lady Fatima Convent,(1962)

Sirpur Kaghaznagar,

Adilabad Dist. 504296 A.P.

Phone: 08738-238103, 09963803017

E.Mail: fatimaconvent@ymail.com


Eng. Medium High. School,

Nursery School,

Tailoring Centre & Boarding for under privileged  girls.





Mount Carmel Convent, (1996)

Dharthi Murthi Road, Katol P.O.

Nagpur Dist. M.S. 441 302

Phone : 07112 - 202525,(M)0960165826

E-mail: mt.carmelk@yahoo.com


Eng.Med.High School

& Nursery School - CBSE




Carmel Convent, (1992)

Near Lokmanya Society,

Pen P.O, Raigad Dist. M.S. 402107

Phone: 02143- 254677,320950

Mob: 09767647793

E.Mail : carmelschoolpen@gmail.com


Eng.Med.High School

& Nursery School

Mob: 09881376144




Managed by the Diocese of Adilabad

Shanthi Dham, (1983)

C/O, Catholic Church,

Yessiahpallam, Rallamettupally

Adilabad Dist. 504219

Mob: 09010307893





Telugue Med. LPS & Boarding (Parish)






Mount Carmel Convent

Master Colony, P.O. Samudrapur

Wardha Dt., M.S., 442305

Mob: 09673140287

E-mail: mountcarmelspur@yahoo.in


Eng. Med.L.P & Nursery School (CBSE)

Ph: 07151-225928







Govt. Certified School (1997)

M.D.C., Shirur, Pune Dist, -412210

Phone: 02138 -223657

E-mail: govtcsmdc@gmail.com



Residential School for Mentally Challenged Growing Girls.

Ph: 02138-222148, 09850879208






Mount Carmel Convent (1979)

Sindola Mines,

Yavatmal Dist. 445307 M.S.

Phone: 07239 - 236148,(M)09923531802


Eng.Med. U.P.School

& Nursery School (CBSE)





Carmelodaya Mission House (1991)

Thommana, Kaduppasery P.O.

Thrissur Dt. Kerala - 680698

Phone : 0480-2881127, 09349020021

E-mail: carmelodaya_tho@yahoo.in


Tailoring Centre




Carmel Convent (2009)

C/o Carmelodaya Provincial House

Sawangi - Meghe, Wardha,

Pin. 442001, M.S.


Home for the abandoned  Children




Carmelwadi (2011)

C/o Carmelodaya Provincial House

Sawangi - Meghe, Wardha,

Pin. 442001, M.S.


Home for direct evangelization


7.3. Education Institutions managed by Carmelodaya Province, Wardha


Details of our various schools which are situated in 3 States namely Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra.

Higher Secondary - Nursery to 12


High Schools -Nursery to 10


Upper Primary - Nursery to 07


Upper Primary - Nursery to 05


Upper Primary(ICSE) - Nursery to 05


Primary Aided Marathi Medium - Std. 1 to 4


School for Mentally Challenged Children


Total No. of Sisters working in the above said schools



7.4. Health care Institutions



Mobile Clinic


7.5. Home for the physically and mentally challenged, children's home

Carmel School for Mentally Challenged Children, Wardha

Government certified school and children's home for physically and Mentally Challenged Children, Shirur

Carmel School for physically and Mentally Challenged Children, Chandrapur


7.6. Boarding houses and hostels

Boarding and hostels managed by Carmelodaya Province

1.Prem Dham, Batwanpally, Adilabad Diocese, A.P.

2.Santhwana Home, Jam, Chanda Diocese, M.S.

3.Lady Fatima Convent, Sirpur Kagaznagar, Adilabad Diocese, A.P.

4. Shanti Dham, Ralamettupally, Adilabad Diocese, A.P.

5.Carmel Dham, Nandgoan, Chanda Diocese, M.S.


7.12. Any other such institutions

Home for the 'Abandoned Children' and 'Unwed Mothers' at Arvi, Chanda Diocese, M.S.

9. Number of beneficiaries using the institutions mentioned in number seven

Name & Address

Year of



Details of the Staff

Details of the Students











01. Fatima Convent High School, Sirpur-Kagaznagar



State Board









02. Mount Carmel Convent High School, Chandrapur












03. Mount Carmel Senior Secondary School, Cement Nagar, Chandrapur Dt.












04 Mount Carmel Convent School, Sindola, Yavathmal Dt.












 05. Mount Carmel Convent, Marathi - Primary School, Chandrapur











06.Carmel Convent High School, P.O. Carmelaram, Bangalore -35





Kannada Std I-IV










07. Carmel School for Mentally Challenged Children, Sawangi-Meghe, Wardha











08.Carmel Convent HighSchool, Belwali, Thane Dt., Mumbai



State Board









09.Carmel Convent High School, Pen, Mumbai



State Board









10.Mount Carmel High School, Katol, Nagpur Dt. 












11.Govenment Certified School for Mentally Challenged Childran, Shirur, Pune, M.S.











12.Mount Carmel Convent Scholl for Mentally Challenged Children, Chandrapur











13.Mount Carmel Convent School, Master Colony, Samudrapur, Wardha Dt., M.S.














14. Number of members in Carmelodaya Province working in the mission- 127


15. Mention how the missionary's presence penetrated into the lives of the villagers, how the catholic communities were developed and the resistance and problems the missionaries felt there.

                 It is the deep trust in the divine providence that enabled the zealous missionaries Srs. Lia, Bonitus an& Fredia to take up the courage to leap into darkness by spending their lives for the poor and the marginalized being one with them in their pains and struggles. The provincial superior gave them the chance to work for the poor identifying themselves with the culture and life style of them.

            Batwanpally village situated in Adilabad District 7miles interior from Bellampally was suggested as the new pasture land for the sisters. Batwanpally village may be called as cluster village were about 100 families live together for their survival. Education, health and hygiene and cultured life were the terms unheard by this people. Child marriage was very common and modes of treatment were very strange and superstitious.

            Even though the village was under a parish jurisdiction, it was neglected due to some unfavourable situation. It is in such a condition in 1974 our sisters dared to step into this village. They started to live in a simple and small house owned by the Exarchate of Chanda.

            The sisters spend their time among the people staying with them, trying to identify with them and learning their culture, custom, modes of prayer etc. The villagers developed a thirst for education and medical care. The sisters opened a non-formal school up to 3rd standard and a small dispensary for first aid care. Sisters boldly set their feet in direct evangelization, inspite of oppositions and hardships. They moved out to other villages in bullow-carts or on foot keeping Batwanpally as the core village. Sisters lived with the people, spoke to them about the Lord, taught them catechism, health and hygiene, to cooperate each other and other such values in life. The sisters arranged daily programme, courses and seminars, catechism classes for the villagers.

            Sisters with all enthusiasm continued their apostolate though there were many oppositions from the people who were exploiting the ignorance of the poor villagers. Many times the leaders of the village try to turn the villagers against the sisters. In 1977 the leader's son put fire on our cattle shed and the villagers could put off the fire and prevent it from spreading. The villagers approached the sisters with their desire to have night classes from 7 to 9 p.m. on catechism, general health and hygiene etc. and sisters fulfilled their desire.

            After passing through a time of trials and difficulties, the families of the villagers from Batwanpally, Vadala, Rallametupally, Konampetta, Gudlasomaram, Rengapetta, Jankapur joined us and received Baptism and other Sacraments. Slowly the people from some other villages also came closer to us in order to experience and receive Jesus as their Lord and Master.

            As most of the villagers were sending the children to look after the cattle, the sisters opened a Boarding school for the children and children were able to study up to class 3 in our school staying with us and could make their higher studies in the neighbouring schools. Even to this day it is functioning properly, keeping up its goal.

            Sisters gave extra care in starting cutting and tailoring and also non-formal school both in English medium and Telugu medium.

            The growth of the church in these areas and deepening of faith of the believers is proved from the fact that we are getting vocations from these communities. Rallamettupally was one of the contact villages of Prem Dham Batwanpally. It is 41 kilometer away from Batwanpally and is situated on the bank of a river which gets flooded every year causing great damage to the village land, animals and crops. 

            In 1983 realizing the felt need of the people, our sisters voluntarily came forward to render their service at Rallamettupally. The motto of Shanti Dham is Evangelization through social work. As we understood the urgent need of the village was a dispensary, with the aid from Caritas, through Bishop Januarius, the then Bishop of Chanda, this dream was materialized. The villagers began to call this place as 'Yessiapallam' which means 'the abode of Jesus'

            We spent ourselves in catechetical work as well as all round development programme for the villagers. With the consent of Bishop Januarius a primary school was opened for the tribals. As many people were attacked by cholera there was no mode of conveyance to do anything. Our sisters met the district collector and managed to get medicine and gave vaccination to the villagers, walking 20 to 30 km. daily through the mud and stones without chapels and worked tirelessly risking their lives. Many times our sisters and villagers were attacked by robbers and encountered with naxalites and many days they were in tension and anxiety only trusting in the divine providence.

            The life of the villagers had changed a lot due to the grace of God and tireless service of the sisters. Many of them are in services like Doctors, Engineers, Police, Teachers, Nurses etc. Spiritual growth of these people is very much praiseworthy and the vineyard of the Lord is not barren here producing rich harvest of Priests and Nuns including CMC sisters. There is a rapid growth in recent years in these villages as they received different projects to fight against flood and other natural calamities.

            When we turn back to our bygone years we raise our hearts in thanks to God for the manifold events through which He was manifesting His steadfast love to each one of us. 


21. Collect the special missionary and pastoral experience of the members, especially of their touching God experiences, related to the missionary life

            During a rainy season in 1992, one night our sisters were called by some of our villagers. We could make out their voice and we asked their purpose. They told us that the naxalites have arranged a meeting in school and they have asked us to go for that meeting. According to their system, if the naxalites say something others must obey it. In those days all the villagers were very much afraid of them because of their cruel deeds. In our small room there was a photo of Jesus and a calendar of our Lady. Our sisters stood in front of these holy pictures and prayed "Jesus, Mary we are going to the naxalites. We do not know whether we will be able to come back or not." Giving Jesus and Mary a loving kiss offering us in their loving hearts we opened the door and followed the persons who were waiting outside with fear and anxiety. On the way they gave all the information and prepared us for the meeting.

            When we went inside the room we saw a group of young people there. We stood at the door in front of the leaders and they asked us many questions about villagers, tribals, hostel and other activities. We gave proper answers with details but without any hesitation. Our Lord's words "Do not worry about how you are to speak or what you are to say, for what you are to say will be given to you at that time. For it is not you who speak but the spirit of your Father speaking through you" (Mt 10:19-20), have strengthened us. At last they were happy and replied "Sisters we are your brothers. You continue your service here. If you have any problem just inform us, we will see it." We said good bye to them and came back to our house. We shared everything with Jesus and thanked Him for His providential care.