JESUS  is the Only Model, Inspiration and aim of our Education. Carmelodaya as is the legacy take up education as her main apostolate. The dream Blessed Elias Kuriakose Chavara to educate the weakest section of the society is carried out by her daughters enthusiastically and gracefully. The CMC daughters can acclaim credit to them for bringing great changes in this field as well in the society. Beginning from Sirpur- Kghaznagar to Arvi Mount Carmel stands as the catalyst for the growth and change for the mindset of the people. The great SLOGA sung by the great rishies- Asatoma sat gamaya- of India is materializing in our time through our hands. The academic excellence coupled with holistic development of each individual/pupil is the hallmark of CMC education. That is why wherever Carmelodaya daughters serve there the community improves and grows. IT LEAPS AND EXPANDS TO THE HORIZON OF HOPE.




  In order to excel in co-curricular activities the students of our schools are divided into four groups.

  The uniqueness of these groups is, they are named after the saints of Carmelite family like Chavara, Mount Carmel, Euphrasia and Lisiuex.

  We celebrate Carmel Heritage Day in our schools so that the Carmelite culture will be imparted in our children.

  Apart from organizing various inter-group competitions, each group celebrates their heavenly patrons day in a solemn way. By this, the students are introduced to these saints and they become familiar of their holy lives, more over they are inspired by their sanctity and virtues.



  Every school of ours gives a special focus on Catholic and Christian students so that the flame of faith should be ever blazing in their hearts.

  We conduct Mount Carmel Talent search examination in all our schools based on Bl. Chavara, Bl.  Euphrasia, Mathrumozhi, Pithrumozhi, Mother of Carmel etc.

  Prayer groups are formed in our schools to deepen their faith and to make them grow in their prayer life.

  We conduct Chavara Fest and Euphrasia Memorial Day in a creative and dynamic way.

  The Catholic students are named Carmel Buds as they are under the umbrella of Carmelite family. Among them students of Std I to IV are called Angels Army and Std - V to X are Divine Smart.

  Catechism classes are conducted in our schools once in a week.

  Various programmes like Quiz, One Act Plays, classes based on the Bible etc are arranged for the students.

  Innovative Technology Smart Class is used for the for showing the movies based on the lives of saints and the values.



  Year of faith is celebrated in our schools in a unique way.

  Word of God based on faith was distributed to all the students of different religion, cast and creed.

  Special celebration of faith week is arranged in our schools. Those days will be coloured with various activities and programmes like quiz, one act plays based on the lives of Abraham, St. Thomas, Bl.V.Mary etc.

  YOUCAT is taught to the students in this year of faith.

  The CDs of Abrahaham, Moses etc. are shown to the students to enlighten their minds on faith with lived examples so that they may not get disappointed when things go wrong on the way.




v  A jubilant eye catching programme was organized by the school students and teachers. Students exposed their ideas on pollution, corruption, social problems etc.

v  Value imparting programmes are arranged for the staff and students of our Educational Institutions once a year.

v  Orientation programs are arranged in all our schools for the parents of our students to make them aware of their great responsibility to protect their children from the evil influences of mass media as well as to foster in them true India culture.

v  In service training and leadership programmes are arranged for the teaching staff of our schools to update their knowledge and to make changing role as teachers in this digital world.

v  To deepen our relationship with the staff and students of our school, Sisters visit their families at least once in a week.

v  To monitor the Total Quality Management (TQM) in all our institutions, an inspection team is formed in the province level.

v  Alumini gathering shall be make more frequent to continue the building up of the value system in their lives as well as maintain the relationship with their Alma mater

v  Electronic medias are using in the school management system Short message Service to the parents, use of school website for the vacation home works- worksheets, results, daily updates, circulars, etc. 




v  Eco clubs of our schools conducted a lot of activities as the part of initiatives of the club.

v  Eco club setup a medicinal garden with Tulsi, Neem, AloeVera and other plants, and conducted workshops on their use as their endeavor to stop the unnecessary use of chemicals for a healthy Earth.

v  Rallies were conducted in the neighborhood areas on Clean drive, Stop Polythenes, cleaning Neighborhood and Cracker Free Diwali.

v  Educational workshop was conducted on the harmful effects of chemical colours, which are used in Holi.

v  Poster making competitions on the occasion of Earth Day and World Environment Day was conducted, and the students played an important role in switching off lights during the Earth Hour.

v  School Eco Club is committed to the cause of save environment, save life. The School organized eco-friendly activities like earth day celebration, Tree Plantation, environmental awareness rally, poster and slogan competition, anti cracker rally and exhibition on Best out of waste.




v  Celebrates Grandparents day in our schools. The purpose of the programme is  Grandparents are the souls of a family and should be respected and regarded duly.  

v  The social service club   was working with zest to   have solidarity with the poor. Under their leadership   different programmes like

v  Save a family,- a project to help the poor  in the locality ,

v  Save a friend- a small project to help a student who is financially backward for his educational expenses.     And other such programmes were planned by the students and teachers

v  Fund raising programmes

v  A   food fest was conducted     to raise the fund to help the poor families.

v  Old newspapers were collected and  sold, and the money thus collected  was   given    
 for the  upliftment of the poor and marginalised

v   Charity begins at home the axiom holds a greater meaning when philanthropy is made a daily practice. The children have been encouraged to drop small surplus change in the drop box whenever they can.

v  On birthdays, they give a big share of money from their small savings, cutting out unnecessary expenses.

v  Thursdays have been earmarked to contribute a fist of rice. At times, the fistful gets converted to bagful when the children contribute it on their own accord.

v   Joy of giving week conducts in our schools. In this event students bring all the necessary objects like clothes, toothbrush, tooth paste, stationary, groceries etc. And distribute to the poor and destitute people nearby villages.




v  The main objective of this club is to sensitize the students and create awareness for public health issues.

v  In order to make the day successful professionals from different medical segments i.e. Yoga, Ayurveda, Allopathy, etc. were called to offer an array of information about public health.

v  Awareness talks on dental care blood pressure, overweight, and underweight were organized.

v  Healthy habits once established persist throughout life. Schools are the best paradigm to set in these good values. For realizing this goal, a health awareness workshop entitled Get Active was organized

v  The urgent need of health awareness was spread amongst the citizen of the neighborhood by putting up of posters at eminent junctures in the school vicinity.

v  Health and fitness club of the school is in the pursuit of providing good health, fitness and making the students aware of hazardous effects of life style problems due to junk food, obesity, deficiency disorders, behavioural issues specially the adolescence issues and refraining them from the impacts of AIDS and drug abuse. To achieve this, the school organized various activities and awareness programmes. Assembly talks based on health issues have a direct effect on students. Competitions like poster making, slogan making were conducted on different issue.Details of our various schools which are situated in 3 States namely Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra.


Higher Secondary - Nursery to 12


High Schools -Nursery to 10


Upper Primary - Nursery to 07


Upper Primary - Nursery to 05


Upper Primary(ICSE) - Nursery to 05


Primary Aided Marathi Medium - Std. 1 to 4


School for Mentally Challenged Children


Total No. of Sisters working in the above said schools



Sr. Philo 

Pro. Councillor for Eduation

Mount Carmel Convent H.Sec. School, Cement Nagar

  • Deepanchan Kundu of Std. IX secured 9th rank in the international Maths Olympiad in the year 2009.

Carmel Convent School, Belwali

  • Atharva Corde, Salunke Kunal and Pratik Rathode stood First in International Table Tennis tournament held in punjab in the year 2008.
  • Atharva Corde stood First in International Maths Olympiad 2009.
  • Atharva Corde got Second in Maharashtra State level Scholar ship Examination.
  • Vaishnavi of Std. IX secured Gold Medal in State level Archery.

Mount Carmel Convent School, Chandrapur

  • Thanushree Uplenchiwar of Std. X (2008 2009) stood 2nd place in Marathi Second Language in Maharashtra State Board of SSC Examination.

Carmel School for Mentally Challenged Children, Wardha

  • Madhuri Kishore Munjankar stood First in Shot Put in State level held in Lathur in the year 2007