Sr. Yajna CMC

Concillor for Social Work

“What so ever you do to the least of my people, that you do unto me” (Mt. 25:40).

Imbibing the spirit from this divine words, Carmelodaya renders her service in the field of Social work. Carmelodaya is always on the forefront to extend her helping hand to the needy brethren.   In response to the exhortation of His Holiness Pope Francis, ‘go to the peripheries with the joy of the Gospel’, Carmelodaya widened   her social work activities than the yester years to new areas, with much passion and earnestness to gain souls for the Lord. 12% of the income is fully spent for the developmental and welfare activities of the people of God. The love of God impelses her daughters to share His Love with the poor and marginalized, needy and helpless.   God works wonders through the sisters and enables us to make known the name of Jesus through the social work activities.


Conduct a Special Programme for the TB patients of Chandrapur District, Batwnapally and Ralamettupally Villages and provide them Nutritious food grains, awareness classes and medical check up  every year.


Arrange  a unique programme  for the HIV /AIDS affected and infected Children at Chandrapur and Wardha Districts of Maharastra. The children are from 5 to 18 age group and they are from the very poor financial background  families. Many of them lost their parents. Conducted games and  Distributed  kits to everyone containing stationary and protein food items.


A Pre  and post - natal Programme arrange in Batwanapally and Ralamettupally   villages and give awareness programme to the ladies and provide Nutritious kits to the women and children.


Spandana is an exceptional programme  for Widows of our areas where the presence of Carmelodaya province exists. Gather them once in a while conduct programmes and extend help to them.

Prem Dham Mahila Vikasa and Shanthi Dham Mahila vikasa

These two centers mainly focus on the welfare of women in the interior villages. There are so many programmes to bring them to the forefront of the society. Some of the activities are   given below

Group meetings, Jaladhanam, Kitchen Garden & Tree Plantation, Education Programmes at different level a)  Poor women’s children, Semi orphan children (Widow’s children, College going orphan children, School going orphan children, Solidarity Day, Old and Destitute, Health Programmes, Skill Training, Leader’s Training etc. Revolving fund is provided for IGP, Housing Aid, Educational Aid and even for other developmental Programme. All  the activities of Carmelodaya is to uplift women and children and make them independent and self sufficient.

Prison Ministry

Sisters of Chandrapur are engaged in this new ministry. Sisters visit the Jail on Sunday / Saturday and conduct prayers, Do counselling to the inmates. On the special Occasions like Raksha Bhandhan, Diwali, Christmas and Maundy Thursday, Sisters conduct programmes for them and provide them stationary and sweets with the permission of the Police authorities. There are near about 700 inmates in the District jail. Sisters even help the Catholic inmates to confess and to receive Holy Communion. The ladies are given training for tailoring, handicraft work etc.


Community based rehabilitation(CBR)

CBR is one of the best approaches in delivering services to person with Disabilities. In CBR, as the word indicates the community is empowered to be basis for evolving diability rehabilitation services, using the resources available within the community. There are 40 differently abled children under CBR covering 4 villages of Chandrapur. The main activities in the area are to help the family members and the society to accept the child with his/her disability through conscientization programmes, camps etc. Provide home based training to the parents and the siblings. Theraputic treatment ( Physio Therapy, Occupational Therapy and speech Therapy ) is making available at home. Help the child to get their rights and benefits from the government through lobbing and advocacy. CBR facilitator daily visits the area and provides necessary helps to the children. The result is fabulous. The parents and the community accept them with their strength and weaknesses and strive to empower them.